Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana Punjab 2021


Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana Punjab 2021, (to Empower Women Headed Families, Eligibility, Documents, Registration, Ration Kit)

The Punjab Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana 2021 has been started by the Punjab state government to help the women candidates. If a woman is the sole earner of her family, they are eligible to get the scheme benefits. For this, the state government has come up with relevant information, helping the beneficiaries get the scheme benefits. As per Census 2011, near about 54,86,851 households are living across Punjab and the beneficiaries need to register to get suitable returns. Read on to know more about the entitled scheme and how the state helps to empower women. 

Details of Punjab Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana 2021

Name of the schemePunjab Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana 2021  
Motive of scheme launchEmpowering women headed families
Target group to benefit from schemeWomen running family single handedly
Scheme has been launched inPunjab
Scheme has been launched byPunjab state government
Number of beneficiaries for the schemeNearly 8 lakh households
Total families who are headed by single woman 7,96,030 households 

What are the highlighting features of the scheme?

  1. Main purpose of scheme launch – The main idea of scheme launch is to empower women who find it challenging to sustain livelihood of family without any male earning member
  2. Target beneficiaries of scheme – The women who are the sole earning members are eligible to register for the scheme benefits 
  3. Total number of households to be benefitted from scheme – The total households are 7, 96, 030 households that are run by single woman  
  4. Total expenditure for scheme – The money sanctioned by state authorities is rupees 5 crores for IEC activities and it is a total of rupees 177.1 crore yearly as additional costs
  5. Use of the allocated amount – The money given will be used for outreach and different dissemination programs and include the woman who are eligible to enjoy the perks of the scheme 

Who is eligible to register for the scheme?

1.         Residential details – The scheme has been launched in Punjab and so, the permanent residents of the state are eligible to get the scheme benefits  

2.         Head of family –If only women are head of family and they run the family single handedly, they are eligible to get the benefits

3.         Category of women – Women belonging to the category of widow, separated, deserted, divorced or unmarried can register for the scheme

4.      Financial help – The women who are single earning member of the family are eligible to get the scheme benefits

List of documents to be furnished

  • Financial certificate – The women who are opting to get the scheme benefits need to produce suitable income certificate to show that they should get the financial assistance to overcome the hardships of life and run the family 
  • Domicile proof – The authority would check the domicile certificate to check whether the woman candidate and her family are the natives of Punjab and eligible to get the scheme benefits 
  • Women category – The woman need to produce suitable certificate and documents to justify their category and whether they are widow, divorced, separated or unmarried and the supporting ones 
  • Head of family – The woman need to give suitable documents justifying members of family and the woman is the sole earning member 
  • Identification details – The women candidates willing to get the benefits need to furnish suitable details as identity such as Aadhaar card, ration card, and the like options 

How to empower women with the correct implementation of the scheme?

The state government in Punjab is trying their best to empower women who are sole earning members of their families. In this way, the state government is trying to raise the status of women in society and give them a better tomorrow with some financial help. The idea behind women empowerment is to equip them with better chances and help in taking the life decisions with better choices. Therefore, the state would do the same by means of schemes and policies to be implemented on the state. Other than this, women reservation at the urbal local and panchayat bodies have been revised for the help of the women candidates. Adding to this, state authorities would bring in more opportunities for the good of women candidates in the state. 

How to register online for the scheme?

As this is a newly launched scheme by the Punjab state government, the online details for registration are yet to come up. As soon as it comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about it and for this, they have to look for the quick launch of the official portal pertaining to the scheme. This would also add details on how to register online for the scheme and help the women candidates get financial help for the same. 

FAQ of the scheme

What is the purpose of scheme launch?

The main idea of scheme launch is to empower women status in society and offer financial help 

What is Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana 2021?

The main reason for the launch of the scheme is to empower women financially and give them better status in society 

Who is the target group of the scheme?

The women who are the sole earning members of family in Punjab are sole members 

How much money has been sanctioned by the state government?

Rupees 177.1 crores 

What is the total number of households eligible for the scheme benefits?

7,96,030 households are run by women 


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